Smart Pet Treats Feeder

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  • Surprise your pet with our Smart Pet Treats Feeder - an innovative solution for pet owners seeking a smarter way to give their pets treats! Its wireless technology uses food-dispensing technology to make sure your pet gets the perfect portion every time, plus, each battery charge can last up to two months. 
  • Treating your pet is just a click away! Its easy-to-use interface allows you to securely store treats, dispensing them in measured portions determined by you. Its built-in timer allows you to customize the schedule for when you want your pet to receive their treats, and it also comes with a pet-safe material to ensure safety and hygiene. 
  • Featuring a high-definition camera and wide-angle lens, it gives you an instantly accessible view of your pet while you're away. This feeder allows you to view and take photos or videos of your pet enjoying their treats no matter where you are. You can now communicate with your pet, watch, record, and share your pet's playtime, fetch, treat, and much more. Enjoy the convenience of smartly treating your furry buddy, even when you're away!