Pet Interactive Bell

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  • Don't miss a beat with the Pet Interactive Bell! This interactive pet bell is perfect for communicating with your canine or feline companion, so they can give you a heads up each time they need to go outdoors. It's as easy as ringing a bell - no pun intended! Now you can work out a language all your own with your furry pal.
  • The Pet Interactive Bell is designed to increase playtime with your pet. It's made of durable material and uses a simple two-button design so you can easily control when your pet can access its toy. The bell encourages interaction and exercise between you and your pet.
  • Give your pet the ability to communicate their needs with the Pet Interactive Bell. This bell will ring when your pet paws it - providing an easy way for your pet to indicate when they need something from you. The bell is designed to be interactive and is a great tool for training and communication with your pet.