Dog Hair Knot Comb

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  • Groom your pup with ease using our Dog Hair Knot Comb! This must-have pet accessory helps soothe your pet's skin by delicately combing through tangles without pulling. Its slim design fits perfectly in your hand, making brushing easier than ever before. 
  • This Dog Hair Knot Comb is designed to effectively remove tangles and knots from your pup's fur. It features strong, stainless-steel teeth that are both gentle and secure, plus a soft handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Its easy-grip handle and slim design make it ideal for knot-prone areas like the feet, tail, and face. Plus, it's crafted with durable metal teeth to gently and effectively remove mats, tangles, and debris from your pet's fur. Keep your pup's coat sleek and tangle-free!