Rubber Dog Shoe Cover

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  • Keep your car seats paw-print-free with this clever Rubber Dog Shoe Cover! It fits over your pup's feet to prevent scratches and dirt from getting on your upholstery. Now you can let your pup come along for the ride without worry- just slip on the shoes! (Okay… technically they're not shoes, but we like to think they are.)
  • Protect your pup's paw pads with our durable, lightweight rubber shoe cover. Made from high-quality rubber, it provides a comfortable and secure fit for your furry friends. Easy to clean and waterproof, the Rubber Dog Shoe Cover is the perfect paw-protection solution.
  • Keep your pup's paws protected from cold and hot surfaces with these durable 10-piece rubber dog shoe covers. Made from a thick rubber material, this shoe cover will provide the necessary insulation and traction to keep your pup safe and comfortable.